Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spectrum’s service fast enough?

Currently, Spectrum provides internet speeds that are fast enough for most consumers and producers. However, because it often runs on cable lines (as opposed to fiber optic), the service can be unreliable and doesn’t allow for future growth.

Why is my internet slow?

There are a number of reasons your internet may be slow in St George. Below is a checklist to help:

  • Who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
    • If Spectrum, call them to see why your service is slow. It's possible you're on a limited data plan with them or you need an equipment upgrade.
    • If Other (like Consolidated or a satellite service), you fall into our group's category of "UNSERVED" which means we don't consider your internet service as "high speed". See if Spectrum is available where you are.
  • Call your ISP and ask them to check that your service is ok.
  • Is your modem old or failing?
  • Is your router old or failing? Routers notoriously have a short life (2-5 years).
  • Are you on an old computer (6+ years old)? This can cause networks to appear slow.

Will 5G solve our slow internet problems?

No. 5G networks are digital cellular networks that rely on deep fiber. 5G capable devices can only achieve their high-performance speeds on a 5G network. Currently, there are very few 5G networks and they are isolated to small test areas.